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My heart always melts to the kinds of hit jams, beautiful tunes, lovely melodies and the justices done by our home base producers who always gives in their very bests to make sure good music are been delivered.

The likes of DEE YASSO, JEHU, PAUL B, NECSTA, YUNGKAFFA and others are on a daily basis trying and working hard to give better deliveries. I personally commend and recommend them.

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Now, coming to our dear artistes, Wow! You guys are something else. I could remember a day I was chatting with a friend from India, he was asking me the genres of music in Nigeria that trends, I told him AFROBEAT. He was so curious to know more about AFROBEAT and I told him I wouldn’t talk more about AFROOBEAT than how our Artistes define it in their songs. He later asked me to send him some of the AFROBEAT songs and there we go; I headed to my music gallery, opened my home based folder, selected some of my favorite artistes and sent to him, telling him that these are some of Nigeria’s best AFROBEAT Artistes I know, and they are the trending celebrities that represents AFROBEAT well.

After sending the songs to him, he asked me a question that triggered me to write this article. He said if these few guys you sent me their songs are the true representatives of AFROBEATS in Nigeria, why am I not hearing their names trending like other few artistes I have heard of from Nigeria? This question melted my heart and I vowed to take a review as to why our songs are not going beyond Jalingo after hard work to deliver quality songs?

Why is it only within Taraba when we have producers who are promising and gives their bests for better outcome? Producers who are arguably compared to Lordsky, Yung John, Baby Fresh, Burstbrain and lots more to mention.

My little discovery and research made me understand that writing good lyrics, having a good producer are not enough quality to announce an Artiste. The world today is digitalized and so makes almost everything easier for us especially ENTERTAINMENT.
I have come to understand that our Artistes only focus on writing good lyrics without thinking of the measure(s) to take in order to arrive at limelight. There are more to key into so as to get to a certain destination. Better sacrifices are paid for better results.

Each time I remember how the likes of REMA (Mavin Records) came to limelight, it always turns me on. He saw when D’PRINCE’S song GUCCI GANG challenge started trending on Instagram, he decided to do his own and posted (Not submitted) on IG, lo and behold, the mighty D’PRINCE saw it and that brought about a turnaround in his music career.
Do you at all understand what I’m saying?! INSTAGRAM post I mean!
Now, to be sincere, I sometimes feel so ashamed when I see our Facebook Artistes (sorry for the name) making noise and still hoping to blow soon. I know the route to destiny differs, but also know that success can be attracted. How many of our proud Artistes have ordinary IG account?

Let’s talk about CRAYON (Mavin Records) who came to limelight via TWITTER, how many of our Artistes are active on TWITTER? I am not saying Facebook is bad, but why can’t we follow trend and try our luck? Why must it be always Facebook? Why can’t we try other means? We are not even talking about other simple free streaming platforms where all you need is data to create account and start uploading your songs.

How much will it cost you to have a Boomplay account, Audiomack, and even Google Business account where Hundreds of Thousands will stream your songs without any payment?
As civilized as this era is, there are better channels which one needs to follow when aiming at a certain goal. Money is not everything you need to get started in your career journey. Our bloggers are trying big time but their efforts are not enough without you playing your role.

It’s your career, your destiny, your future and aspiration; do what it takes to arrive at your destination because there is no “ROYAL ROAD” to success. Success is achieved by hard work and persistence.

AGASON, a music enthusiast/analyst/cartoonist/graphic designer/

FB @agason christian
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Steve Kore
Steve Kore
November 21, 2020 10:55 pm

Thanks for this article..

Loveth Solomon
Loveth Solomon
November 25, 2020 4:12 pm

Nice one bro, but seriously I won’t lie I don’t know how to upload songs… Read more »